From Our Cantina to Your Home

In 2023 we established this wine club to share our passion for great wine with our community.

Here's what membership offers

Two Excellent Bottles

Monthly selection of seasonally appropriate wine selected by our team of sommeliers for you to enjoy.

Loyalty Rewarded

Discounts when shopping in the market and while attending our events. Corkage fees waived (Nobile tier only & some limitations apply) in our Trattoria so you can enjoy your monthly picks with your favorite dish!

Upgrade Your Knowledge

Your club experience should be an education about the world of wine and how your palette responds.

We do that by including tech sheets, tasting notes, and historical write-ups about the wine we bring to you.

We also do this by having staff that is accessible and able to answer your most obscure questions.

Our Unique Strengths

  • Sommeliers with over 30 years of experience

    Lead by Michael MacDonald, our sommeliers identify and source excellent wine that we provide for our members.

  • Connected to our roots

    We are food producers, grocers, merchants, importers... we leverage all of this expertise to bring great finds to your door.

  • Commitment to value

    Our commitment to bring value to our customers comes from a desire to obtain a quality wine for ourselves at a price we would accept.

About Cantoro