Membership Info

When does my membership begin?

Memberships begin on the 1st day of the month following your subscription. For example, if you sign up in September, your membership will begin on the 1st day of October.

What do I receive as a member?

For both tiers, members receive two bottles of seasonally appropriate wine (for example, whites in the summer, reds in the winter).

In addition, each membership tier comes with additional benefits that provide enhanced experiences while shopping in our market, dining in the restaurant, or when attending our events.

How do I get my wine?

On the Monday of the second week of the month, wine will be available for pickup. Just visit us on the upper floor or the wine department and we will take care of you.

What if I don't like the wine I pick up?

Don't worry! We'll have some wine set to the side to allow you to swap out 1 bottle of equal or lesser value.

Can you deliver my wine?

We do not currently offer delivery, but are investigating that in the future.

Can I have someone else pick up my wine?

We can make this arrangement under the following circumstances:

Use our contact form, providing the first and last name of the person picking up the wine.

Anyone picking up wine must provide valid state or federal ID and be over the age of 21.

Billing Policies

How does billing work?

Pre-payment of 3, 6, or 12 months is required. We only accept credit.

You will be billed in the month preceding your membership.

All taxes are included in the membership fees.

Memberships auto-renew by default, but can be canceled any time.

Can I cancel my membership?

Our memberships are set to auto-renew, but you may cancel at any time.

How can I get a full/partial refund of my membership?

Under no circumstances can we refund partial memberships

You can cancel and get a full refund before your membership period begins, use our contact form to reach out.

Membership Limitations

Limitations on corkage fees.

Corkage fees ($25) are waived at the Trattoria and do not include glass pour wines (wine that is purchased as a single pour).

Cork fee waiver does not apply to private events and banquets.

Discount limitations in the market.

Discounts will not be applied to products already marked down for sale. Liquor and Beer shall not be discounted either. Standard wine discounts apply.

Store Policies